Apartment Life

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We have been in the apartment for about 2 weeks now.  My friend (and realtor) Amanda came by the other night to hang with us and check out the new digs.  She asked me what I like and dislike about apartment living.  The main thing that our apartment had going for it initially was that it is brand new and we are the first tenants.  Since moving in we have discovered both good and bad things about this temporary way of life.  I’ll list the bad first:

  • Tiny kitchen cabinets (and by tiny I mean narrow…I have to tilt most things diagonally to get them out)
  • Cramped quarters – every nook and cranny is filled with something
  • Electric stove instead of gas
  • No garage – as a result, our back porch is home to Jackson’s wagon and the trash can designated for poopy diapers. 

And now for the good:

  • No yard to mow! (Clint especially loves this)
  • Lower rent/bills – we will save a pretty penny in the next 6 months!
  • Easy to keep clean
  • 1 story – Jackson can go from the living room to his room without dealing with stairs
  • Courtyard/pool area right outside our door
  • Stone’s throw from Target and HEB
  • Clubhouse with Starbucks coffee machine and snacks (Jackson and I walk over there everyday after school and he gets a cup full of fruit loops)

Snack Time

So it isn’t so bad I guess!  We aren’t planning on throwing any parties this summer and we can’t host any overnight guests (unless they are ok with sleeping on the couch), but for the 3 of us, the apartment is meeting our immediate needs.  We are excited for the construction to begin on our new home in the next few weeks and look forward to watching the building process.


Welcome Baby August!

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Dustin and Courtney (my brother and sister-in-law) welcomed their first baby on Thursday, April 22nd.  I got to meet him last Thursday night after a not-so-fun drive up from Buda (I could write a separate post just on our dinner experience at Luby’s). 

August Parow Adams

He is just precious, and I just can’t believe that Jackson was ever as tiny as August.  The tiny baby stage went by so fast.  While I was holding little August, Dustin asked me what my favorite stage has been with Jackson.  I realized that whatever stage I am in always seems to be my favorite.  I can remember holding Jackson when he was tiny like August and I would just cry and cry because I didn’t want him to grow and change.  I wanted him to stay that tiny baby.  Then when he started to smile and laugh, I thought it couldn’t get better that this.  Then when we was able to sit up and reach for toys…this has to be the best!  Then we he fell in love with his jumper – definitely the best!  Then he started to crawl….oh this has got to be the best!!  Walking? The BEST!  First words? The BEST!  Holding his own spoon? The BEST!  Climbing on furniture? The BEST!  Laughing at something he thinks is funny?  The BEST! 

Babies grow up TOO fast and before I know it, my little guy will be heading off to college.  I guess it helps to lesson the blow a little when every little milestone brings a smile to my face and makes me so happy that I am not able to dwell on the fact that time is litterally slipping away.

I am excited to see Dustin and Courtney embark on this sweet journey as August’s parents.  I am sure they will learn just how precious every little “stage” in their little guy’s life will be.

What a difference a year makes!

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So much to update on… I am sorry to say that I waited almost another month to write since my last post.  We have been BUSY.  First of all, as I mentioned in the last post…we got a quick offer on our house.  After the appraisal came in about $8,000 below asking price (ouch), we adjusted the contract with the buyer and despite the lower sale price, we are going to walk away losing very little money (whew) and will close on April 19th.  We rented a storage unit last weekend and have begun the process of moving out of our first home together.  It is very bittersweet, as we have poured a lot of love into the house and have made lots of sweet memories there, including the addition of Jackson to our little family.   We have developed a neat friendship with our neighbors (they have a little boy 3 months older than Jackson) and will be very sad to lose them as neighbors (of course we will keep them as friends!)   However, we are also very excited about the house we have contracted to build, and although spending the summer in a two bedroom apartment isn’t exactly ideal (I haven’t enjoyed apartment living in about 11 years!)…we are looking forward to this summer with Jackson and hope to take lots of advantage of the pool, courtyard, and lack of yard work or home maintenance over the next 6 months.  Clint is in Dallas this week and will be in Florida next week…so packing and moving things to storage will occupy most of our Easter weekend.  We go to Brownwood the weekend before closing so it all moving and cleaning has to really be done by the 16th.  CRAZY. 

Just for laughs, below are pictures of Jackson last Easter and this Easter.  What a difference a year makes!  Apparently he now hates the easter bunny AND bunny ears.  He is changing daily…he now says “Bye Bye”, loves to find his belly button, can open doors (thank goodness we will be moving to a place with knobs instead of levers!), loves to read books, can’t get enough of little fruit snacks, enjoys being outside, and has a big sense of humor.  🙂

Long Overdue

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Wow, okay so I never intended to go so long between blog posts….sorry bout that to my 2.4 readers.  🙂

Update: Jackson did not have to get tubes.  We did visit the ENT doctor but she recommended that we wait to see if he gets another ear infection before going with surgery.  At his age, and considering winter is pretty much over (hence cold season is pretty much over) he could be out of the woods.  So far so good. 

Other Jackson news….he is developing a bit of a temper and when he doesn’t get his way, there is screaming.  Yikes.  Is it too early to spank him?  Just kidding…but seriously mommies….how do I discipline a 13 month old?  Is redirection my only option?  He has recently learned to “dip” his food in ketchup…it is so cute.  I have a video I need to figure out how to post on here.

Life news….we decided to put our house on the market recently.  We would really like to buy/build in Garlic Creek (a neighborhood in Buda) and figured now was the best time to go for it.  Well folks…we may be looking at a real estate world record here.  We put the house on the market Tuesday….first showing was Wednesday…and THEY MADE AN OFFER.  WHOA!  We countered today (Friday) and are waiting to see if they accept.  If they do, it will be a full price offer with us contributing 2.5% to the buyers closing costs (this part bugs me but in this market it is pretty common I guess).  Fingers are crossed that the counter is accepted and that the option period passes quickly without issues.  If all goes well, we close on April 12th and move into an apartment (YIKES) while we most likely build.

Again, sorry for the delay in posting.  Hopefully I won’t have another blog titled long overdue anytime soon. 🙂


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Well folks….Jackson has an appointment on Monday to see the Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor.  We hope to get a recommendation on how to handle his poor ears.  He can’t seem to kick this 3rd ear infection (we’ve had amoxicillin, augmentin, some other oral antibiotic, and even rocephin shots….three of them!) and his ears are still not back to normal.  I hate to think that the little guy can’t hear us well and I can really see that his balance is off.  I am afraid that tubes are going to be the recommendation.  After a little internet reading on the subject…the thing that is most disturbing to me (besides the whole “my baby could have surgery!!” thing) is the fact that he may not be able to swim this summer with out EAR PLUGS.  I could really use some mommy advice/reassurance from you experienced mommies out there that have “been there, done that” and can offer some words of wisdom to this clueless mommy.  Thanks in advance!


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On Monday, Jackson was 1 of 2 babies that were actually at school out of a class of 9 . Yesterday, he was 1 of 3. Today he was again 1 of 3…until about 9:15 a.m. when I got the call that he would need to go home due to low grade fever and a cough. He has been coughing for a few days, but since he didn’t have a fever, I didn’t think he needed to stay home (am I going to be the mother that requires her child to basically cough up a lung in order to stay home from school??). There is definitely something going around and it appeared as though he may have gotten it as well. Several babies in his class have been doing breathing treatments and one is even in the hospital (I am told)… Well we just got home from the doctor and the verdict is in: double ear infection! I am relieved that it isn’t RSV or worse but now that he is on ear infection 3…we have been referred to an ear, nose, and throat doctor for a tubes consultation. Ugh. His 1 year well check is scheduled for Friday, and I am almost positive we will need to reschedule the vaccines that were slated for that day until his little system is healthier and able to handle them.

Sick babies are so sad. Not only does Jackson LOOK miserable, it must be just so frustrating for him that he can’t TELL me what hurts or how uncomfortable he is. Knowing now that both of his little ears have been hurting breaks my heart. I hope that his recovery is speedy and that he is back at school on Friday (he is banished tomorrow as well).

On another note: please keep Clint’s grandfather, Laddie, in your prayers. He had surgery yesterday to remove a brain tumor and is now is beginning the recovery and treatment phase.

Happy Birthday Jackson

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A  little guy named Jackson rocked my world 1 year ago today.  It is hard to believe how different my life is today from how it was just 365 days ago.  I appreciate my parents more…they are my experts on parenting and I am in  awe of how well they raised my brothers and I.  I pray everyday that I would be able to do 1/2 as well in my job of “parent” as they did.  I appreciate my husband more….he is such a good daddy to Jackson.  He loves to play with him, feed him, bathe him, even change his icky diapers.  He is a natural and I feel so blessed that he is my partner in this life of ours.  I appreciate my church family.  They have been such a huge support to us this year and it is comforting knowing that we are surrounded by so many who have walked the path we are on and are only a phone call away when we need help.  I appreciate time with my friends and family…it is a precious and rare commodity since having a child.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the time I spend with Jackson, but adult time is much more valuable to me now.  I appreciate rest and relaxation (read – sleep) and the fact that our sweet boy is a great sleeper is such a blessing to us.  I appreciate child care workers….they have a HARD job and Clint and I have been so lucky to have 4 sweet women taking care of Jackson just down the hall from my office.  I could go on and on and on about the things I am more thankful for since having a baby….  

I am essentially the same person I was one year ago today, but in many ways, I am also a vastly different person, all for the good (I hope).  Happy Birthday Angel!! Mommy loves you! 🙂 

First Family Picture 1/21/09


Riding home from the hospital 1/25/09