Apartment Life

We have been in the apartment for about 2 weeks now.  My friend (and realtor) Amanda came by the other night to hang with us and check out the new digs.  She asked me what I like and dislike about apartment living.  The main thing that our apartment had going for it initially was that it is brand new and we are the first tenants.  Since moving in we have discovered both good and bad things about this temporary way of life.  I’ll list the bad first:

  • Tiny kitchen cabinets (and by tiny I mean narrow…I have to tilt most things diagonally to get them out)
  • Cramped quarters – every nook and cranny is filled with something
  • Electric stove instead of gas
  • No garage – as a result, our back porch is home to Jackson’s wagon and the trash can designated for poopy diapers. 

And now for the good:

  • No yard to mow! (Clint especially loves this)
  • Lower rent/bills – we will save a pretty penny in the next 6 months!
  • Easy to keep clean
  • 1 story – Jackson can go from the living room to his room without dealing with stairs
  • Courtyard/pool area right outside our door
  • Stone’s throw from Target and HEB
  • Clubhouse with Starbucks coffee machine and snacks (Jackson and I walk over there everyday after school and he gets a cup full of fruit loops)

Snack Time

So it isn’t so bad I guess!  We aren’t planning on throwing any parties this summer and we can’t host any overnight guests (unless they are ok with sleeping on the couch), but for the 3 of us, the apartment is meeting our immediate needs.  We are excited for the construction to begin on our new home in the next few weeks and look forward to watching the building process.


~ by amandabodine on April 30, 2010.

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